• Story of Check-in Bhutan

    Timeless Experience


    For 8 years, a young lady in Bhutan held a dream. The dream of fulfilling a father's vision of sharing a timeless experience with those who have never set foot in Bhutan. Just days before the father's transition, he held out what was to be the last time - eyes wide open offering a radiant smile - and said "I saw a man from afar. He will take you to the star."


    For many years, I have hardly celebrated my birthday. There was and is no need to. I have always felt a timelessness about me, an inexplicable eternity within me, outside of the chaos of time. I always feel I was never born; never died.


    My name is Aloysius and I am from Singapore.


    In 2018, by some celestial speed up, I was acquainted with an undergraduate student from Bhutan. This student just gave me a name card and said if I ever dreamed of going to Bhutan, I could connect with her aunt.


    For 8 months since that first contact with the name on the card, the invisible hand of timelessness had weaved its way to prepare what was to be the goal and purpose of bringing our shared vision to others.


    The name on the card is Kezang Chuki. She was then a manager of a travel company. She is deservedly now the poster face of Check-in Bhutan. Without her vast knowledge experience in Bhutan's travel industry, never could I realise my part in the dream of sharing timelessness with others in Bhutan.


    To all who would entrust their travel plans with us, we seek to enable a timeless experience. We don't guarantee it. We merely facilitate the process of the invisible hand at work. And when you return, we hope we have given something back of intangible value that empowers your life and well-being.



    Aloysius Tan

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