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    Luxurious Lifestyle Disposable Innerwearr.

  • Don't take Flight Without Your Skinwear

    Stretchable.....Breathable....Fits Like 2nd Skin!

    (High-end premium spas and spa resorts use SKINWEAR)

    Skinwear (50 individually-wrapped pcs)
    Travel...Sport....Adventure.....Spa. Just about any idea that fuels the imagination.

    Skinwear is a superior high-quality disposable Innerwear made of highly stretchable, breathable nylon wholly knitted by machine, and is 100% latex free. Soft nylon is wholly knitted by machine with no stitched hems providing maximum comfort .

    Colour: Black
    Size:XXL (European size)
    Size: XL (European size)
    Size : L ( Recommended for asians)
    Size: M ( For slim asians)

    Delivery - 12 to 14 days
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