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    Check-in Bhutan is a licensed tour operator in Bhutan.

    Important: click on the one-minute video to learn the right and proper way to travel to Bhutan.

    • Every visitor to Bhutan requires a tourist visa. Exceptions are India and Bangladesh passports holders.
    • Visas are only issued to tourists who book tour packages with local tour operators, directly or through a foreign travel agent.
    • Visa application must be submitted by an authorised and registered licensed tour operator in Bhutan on behalf of visitors. This is something to think about when choosing to book with a local tour agency or foreign travel agent. Foreign travel agent still has to submit through Bhutan tour operators.
    • Visa is issued by Tourism Council of Bhutan in Thimphu, Bhutan.
    • When you book with Check-in Bhutan, you are directly dealing with an authorised and  licensed tour operator registered in Bhutan.
    •  You can’t apply visa yourself and Bhutan embassy does not have travel visa services.
    • To apply for visa, full prepayment of your tour package is required.
    • You can expect your visa to be approved within 48 hours upon application subject to clearance of payment of your tour package.
  •  Travel to Bhutan  via connecting flights


    From Tickets To Connecting Flights

    We are affiliated with Bhutan's National Carriers and can handle your ticketing/connecting flights for you.


    Bhutan’s national carrier, Druk Air, and Bhutan Airlines both provide international flights into Bhutan’s international airport located in Paro.


    Druk Air flies in and out of Bhutan from:

    • Bangkok (BKK – Thailand)
    • Delhi (DEL – India)
    • Mumbai (BOM – India)
    • Kolkata (CCU – India)
    • Bagdogra (IXB – India)
    • Gaya (GAY – India)
    • Guwahati (GAU – India)
    • Kathmandu (KTM – Nepal)
    • Dhaka (DAC – Bangladesh)
    • Changi (SIN – Singapore)

    Bhutan Airlines flies in and out of Bhutan from:

    • Bangkok (BKK – Thailand)
    • Delhi (DEL – India)
    • Kolkata (CCU – India)
    • Kathmandu (KTM – Nepal)
  • Travel to Bhutan during high & low season

    High/Low Season

    US$250/US$200 Per Day

    The cost of touring Bhutan is based on the number of days you plan to spend in Bhutan:

    • During Peak Season: USD $250 per person per night.(March, April, May, September, October & November)
    • During Non-Peak Season: USD $200 per person per night.  (January, February, June, July, August & December)

    The cost consists of the following:

    • All internal Taxes and charges 
    • Accommodation (3-star hotel)
    • All Meals
    • All travel with a licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide
    • All internal Transport


    The cost given above does not include airfare.



    Tariff Exception


    There shall be no charge for CHILDREN up to the age of 5 years. However, those between the ages of 6 - 12 years accompanied by guardians shall be given 50% discount on daily rates.


    Full time STUDENTS below the age of 25 years holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions shall also be given a 25% discount on daily rates.


  • Currency exchange when travelling to Bhutan


    Credit Card to Cash to ATM to Money Changer

    Bhutan’s unit of currency is called Ngultrum (BTN). One US$ dollar equals roughly 67 Nu


    Tourist can exchange traveler’s cheques or cash at the foreign exchange desk at Paro Airport and Bank of Bhutan branches in major townships such as Paro and Thimphu.


    As you travel into the interior, ATM and banking facilities are almost non-existent. We suggest that you do your banking whilst in Paro or Thimphu, and take local currency with you to the countryside. Currencies that can be exchanged include the U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Denish Kroner, Australlian Dollar and Singapore Dollar.


    You may need to show your passport when you exchange money or travelers cheques


    Some hotels also provide foreign exchange services, however many of these are limited to U.S. Dollar exchanges.


    Credit cards are only accepted in a very limited number of handicraft stores in Thimphu and high-end hotels.


    Limited ATM facilities are available in major townships. MasterCard and Visa international credit and debit cards can be used on these ATM’s to withdraw cash.

  • Types of hotel stay when travel to Bhutan

    Accommodation Type

    From Hotel To HomeStay

    Our tour package are based on 3-star hotel accommodation. However, if you desire a higher grade hotel stay, let us know in your booking form. We will adjust and re-price your tour package to suit your requirement.


    View our 3-Star listed hotels here.

  • travel to Bhutan on single or group trip

    Single or Group Trip

    It Does Make A Difference

    A surcharge above the seasonal rate of

    US$200/$250 applies for the single traveler

    or group size of less than 3 travelers.


    Single traveler - US$40 per night.

    Group of less than 3 travelers - US$35 per person per night.

    Customise travel to Bhutan

    Custom Tour

    For The Seasoned Traveller

    We offer customised tour to suit your interest.

    From deciding on a hotel you prefer to stay in

    to spending more time on activities and events

    in the places that interest you. To book a

    custom tour, submit the booking form below.


  • book your travel to Bhutan with CheckinBhutan.com

    How To Book With Us

    Standard or Custom Tour

    1. Click on the "Booking Form" below.
    2. Complete and submit the form.
    3. We process your booking.
    4. You will receive an email reply from us with an e-invoice requesting prepayment.
    5. Your e-invoice will display a complete breakdown of the cost components of your travel.
    6. Upon receiving your payment, we will email you instructions to provide scan copies of your passports to us to start the process of applying your visa.
    7. Please allow for up to three days for approval of your visa application.
  • Pay by credit card when you travel to Bhutan


    By Credit Card or Wire Transfer


    You have a choice of paying by credit card or bank transfer.

    If you choose to pay by bank transfer, payment is to be remitted to Bhutan National Bank.


    We will provide you with the appropriate bank account details for wiring your tour payments to Bhutan once we process your booking form. A copy of the remittance of the transfer must be emailed to us.

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